Fall in hg6668皇冠登录 is unlike anywhere else. Take in breathtaking views of Upper Peninsula 秋天的颜色. Relax under the stars and catch a celestial show without breaking the bank. Cozy up at a local brewery or coffee shop after the day’s adventures to spend some quality time with your travel buddies. And if you’re in the Halloween spirit, there are plenty of fun things to do in hg6668皇冠登录 that will get your spine-tingling.

A couple hiking Mt. hg6668皇冠登录 in autumn

hg6668皇冠登录 秋天的颜色 

Hike, bike, or drive your way through breathtaking hues and views. Stroll around 苏必利尔湖, where shades of orange and red contrast beautifully with the deep blue water. 探索 瀑布 with lush, colorful foliage. Go for a drive through tunnels of changing trees and don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all of your autumn memories.

Sip A Cozy Drink 

Whether you’re looking to wind down and cozy up or fuel up for your next adventure, hg6668皇冠登录’s full of charming spots to sip and visit. Rare Earth Goods & 咖啡馆 is a hidden gem in the heart of Ishpeming. The café pulls double duty as an art co-op and features organic foods, 当地的艺术, and craft beer alongside your favorite caffeinated beverages.

Or you could just chill at 婴儿床. This homey spot is the place to cozy up with a coffee, cocktail, glass of wine, or a cold brew. Stay awhile and play cards, listen to live music, or just sit back and chat with family or friends. 

Whether you’re taking in the colors of fall, searching for a rare phenomenon — celestial or paranormal — or looking for a place to hang with your best buds, hg6668皇冠登录 has autumn adventures galore. 


鬼城, 墓地, 疗养院, and old orphanages are the perfect recipe for visitors looking for more chilling thrills as Halloween approaches. Besides fall festivals and activities, check out some of the local haunts rumored to be active with otherworldly energy.  

In Old Town Negaunee, you’ll find skeletal remains of a once-bustling mining town with nature reclaiming streets, 楼梯间, and sidewalks that lead to nowhere. Old Catholic Cemetery is little more than a sign and a path in the woods now since most of the tombstones were removed in the early 1900s. However, not all the bodies were found, and neighbors have reported commotion in the area. Rumors of activity continue to fly around Morgan Heights’ Sanatorium and Holy Cross Orphanage. Get into the Halloween spirit with these paranormal adventures

The northern lights over the Upper Harbor 矿石码头

All of the Lights 

hg6668皇冠登录, Michigan is one of the best spots in the continental U.S. to observe the famed Northern Lights. As Fall settles in, the nights get longer and darker. Low light pollution in the area makes for optimal viewing of this natural phenomenon. And since hg6668皇冠登录 features 83-miles of shoreline on 苏必利尔湖, you’ll have plenty of prime locations to catch them in action.